Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Hills. Humidity. Hard.

Those were the exact words I posted on my Facebook page after a 6 PM run yesterday. The statement sums up the run. In other words, it was HELL. While I'd like to run along cold blue lakes and picture-perfect mounds of green grass (as so dreamily depicted in the photo to the left), I was barely moving along gum-stained and urine-tainted cement. Trying to seek refuge in the shadows of ugly buildings, I could not escape the humidity - nor the sun's heavy blanket! I was suffocating.
The plan was to do a mile warm-up, followed 10x150m hills (with 150m recovery), and then a mile cool-down. The humidity had me at the first quarter mile. I'd assumed that it wouldn't be *that* bad - with all of the speed work and focused training I'd done in the past few weeks. But no. I was yet again humbled by the seemingly simple act of running. While I did complete my mission, I stumbled into my condo, soaked to the core, wondering if/how I'm going to survive marathon training in the upcoming summer heat.
Summer is a-comin' to Iowa, and this girl needs to prepare...and hydrate.

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