Thursday, October 14, 2010


Sunday. Sunday. Sunday. Funday. Funday. Funday.

After last week's post, I've calmed down a bit. While I'm not in ultra-relaxed post-yoga mode, I am (with much effort) trying to keep a positive attitude about my upcoming marathon. Okay, so I'll admit that I'm nervous. The 'what-if's' creep into my brain every 10 seconds or so, but I attempt to block them out immediately. And then they creep in again. And then I squash them.
Over and over.


I've been watching marathon movies and documentaries all week. Earlier this week, I read a bunch of running blogs highlighting each runner's 'first marathon.' Reviewing a majority of these recaps wasn't such a good idea (for me, right now - at least), especially if you don't want to read about extreme pain, throbbing joints/muscles, missed PR's, and post-run stomach ailments. I will admit, however, that I have yet to read a D.N.F.-marathon post. So, that's good.

Yep, keepin' it positive.

Anywho, back to the marathon movie marathon (M.M.M.). First on the list was 'Spirit of the Marathon.' Not bad. I think I related the most to the woman who ran alone; I also prefer to run alone during training runs (we'll save this topic for another day). I know all of you were expecting me to say that I relate to Deena Kastor the most, as I, too, have a dog and my half marathon time beats her marathon PR. And I've also placed first in a few local races of six people or less. But, I don't have my own massage therapist and daily coach(es), nor do I engage in high-altitude training. Oh, and I don't run with Meb and Ryan Hall. Yet. Except at the Bix 7 on the other side of the street.

What I liked most about 'Spirit of the Marathon' is that those who started the Chicago Marathon were able to finish. Oh, and they didn't seem to 'hit the wall' as hard as the bloggers I read earlier this week. I know. I should probably say that my favorite thing was the 'spirit' or something, but right now, at this point in time, what gives me hope for this Sunday is the 99% chance that I will actually make it to the finish line.*

Again, positivity.

*And at this finish line, I hope to find a chocolate long john with white frosting filling (as well as a six-ounce Michelob Ultra, of course). Seriously. I haven't had one in five years. Like this:


  1. I'm pretty sure donuts and beer would be an amazing thing to see at the finish. :) Good luck!

  2. You are going to do it. My first marathon wasn't the worst in the world, it wasn't the easiest thing either, but I trained and I made it. You will too. Positivity is a must! And don't read scary blogs. ;)