Thursday, June 17, 2010

A Week Without Running


Okay, I'll be honest. I had a four-day 'vacation' from running after Dam to Dam. Four freakin' days. Did I survive?


Thanks to two-a-day workouts (spin class, yoga, and/or circuit training), I got through my 'recovery phase.' I'm not saying that I wasn't a major crab or anything. I tend to get really b*tchy when I don't run. Ask my family. And my dog, Otto. They'd rather deal with my obsessive running addiction than put up with stank-eye Stacy, putzing around the house, depressed and angry. I get unbearable. I can't help it. Must be some type of chemical imbalance that is out of my control...

Thank god that's over. Now I am fully recovered (okay, and somewhat refreshed) from my satisfactory performance at Dam to Dam. And I've been putting in some miles this past week. Last night I had a challenging speed workout with my esteemed coach. He rides his bike and gives me feedback while I spit bugs from my mouth and deal with my legs of lead. It's nice having a talking Garmin give me feedback and encouragement.

Again. Thank god 'recovery' is over. While I may have some hard work ahead of me (ummm, like training for a marathon - whateva), I'd rather suffer through it than be a stank-eye...

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